• Monthly Bookkeeping

The Monthly bookkeeping consists of capturing the books from source documents, journals and bank statements on a monthly basis. From this we extract the VAT, complete the statutory returns and submit them to SARS.

  • Management Reports

Monthly management reports are produced from the books. These enable the owner / manager to make informed operational decisions.

  • Financial Statements

The annual statements are drawn up and printed as soon after the financial year end as possible. These are drawn up for the sole proprietors, trusts and close corporations.

More about Accounting

All services are managed by Brent Slade, Brent is a member of The South African Business Accountants and a Master Tax Practitioner withThe South African Institute of Tax Practitioners.

We also have a long history of managing business accounts and can assist your business in many different aspects, this is because we are also Business Consultants with an equal number of years exposure to the market and an excellent track-record!


  • Provisional Tax Returns

The provisional tax returns are completed and submitted to SARS twice a year, once at the end of August and again at the end of February, making the assumption that the financial year end is February. These are completed and submitted for companies, trusts and individuals.

  • Annual Income Tax Returns

These returns are submitted at the end of the financial year and are submitted for individuals, trusts and companies.

  • Tax Returns

Extensions are applied for as and when necessary.

  • Deferred Payments

Deferred Payments are applied for and payment is made when applicable.

  • Tax Clearance and Tax Directives Certificates

Certificates of good standing and tax clearance certificates are applied for when a company is in need of one of these in order to prove its’ in good standing with SARS or for tender etc. Tax directives are applied for when an individual needs a directive from SARS to establish how much PAYE should be deducted from his/her income. This applies predominantly to commission earners and independent contractors.

  • Tax Planning

Provide tax planning services for both businesses and individuals.

  • SARS Registrations

VAT registrations, PAYE registrations, Income Tax registrations etc. are submitted to SARS.


With the changes in legislation compelling all members in close corporations and Directors of companies to pay PAYE on a monthly basis we offer the facility of producing Pay Slips. Omni Business Services calculates the monthly tax liability, submits it to SARS and makes the payment on behalf of the company. Further to this the reconciliations are completed and the IRP5’s are issued at the end of the year.

Workmans Compensation

Registration with the Department of Labour for workmen’s compensation and the completion and submission of returns of earning are submitted.

Business Plans

Besides being an extremely valuable management tools, a well drawn up business plan identifies where the business is going and what the business has to do in order to achieve it’s goals. The business plan can be considered a living document and such should be updated periodically.

Business Valuations

Buying or selling a business, estate planning and recognition of the business are some of the reasons a business owner would want to have his / her business valued.

Close Corporations

  • CK Documents

The complete spectrum of CK documents pertaining to the close corporations are lodged by Omni Business Services. These include documents such as: name reservations, registering the close corporation, name changes, member changes and the change of accounting officer to mention but a few of the CK documents lodged by Omni Business Services.

  • Annual Statuary Returns

These returns are submitted annually on the anniversary of the registration of the Close Corporation.